About us

Honford Star's mission is to publish the best literature from East Asia, be it classic or contemporary. We believe there are many important East Asian authors and books yet to read by English-language readers, so we aim to make these works as accessible as possible. By working with talented translators and exciting local artists (and paying everyone fairly), we hope to see more bookshelves containing beautiful editions of the East Asian literature we love. 

Our first book is a collection of short stories by the famed Korean author, Kim Tongin. Despite the fact his work revolutionized modern Korean fiction, this is the first volume of his influential writings in English. Other upcoming Honford Star titles include the complete fiction of Lai Ho, known as the "father of Taiwanese literature", Lee Hyo-seok's novel of an interracial marriage set in 1940s Korea, and the complete short fiction of Kang Kyeong-ae, a Korean revolutionary socialist during the Japanese occupation era.


Contact us: info@honfordstar.com