Scale of Injustice: The Complete Fiction by Loā Hô – now available for preorder!

Scales of Injustice now available for preorder with free international shipping!

Loā Hô is known as both the ‘father of New Taiwanese literature' and ‘Taiwan’s Lu Xun'. His stories show his struggles to reject Japanese colonialism and unite the Taiwanese while working under a regime of strict censorship. He was one of the first from Taiwan to write in vernacular Chinese and Taiwanese rather than classical Chinese, and his stories display his affection for the underdog, a keen sense of humour, strong class awareness, and often a sense of hopelessness. Jailed multiple times for his views by the colonial Japanese, he died two years before Taiwan was finally free from Japanese colonialism.

Darryl Sterk, Lingnan University, has translated and researched all of Loa's 21 stories in Scale of Injustice, including extensive explanatory notes on the text. The book includes an expert introduction from Pei-yin Lin, Associate Professor at the School of Chinese, the University of Hong Kong.

Anthony Bird
Sweet Potato reviews!

Since publication in September, we've been receiving some great feedback on Sweet Potato, a collection of short stories by Kim Tongin. We are sure there's much more to come for this book, but some highlights so far (click on the reviewer's name to go to the review):

Translator Grace Jung uses her role to impress upon readers the agency of the translator as a feminist figure.
Lizzie Buehler, Asymptote
This new collection is undoubtedly an significant addition to the body of work of Korean literature in English.
Peter Gordon, South China Morning Post
With their modern themes, structures and characters, all the stories are a pleasure to read, and the collection is a good introduction to early Korean modern fiction, its concerns, and evolving style.
Charles Montgomery, SEOUL Magazine
Sweet Potato is an excellent collection, with no weak pieces and several excellent stories [...] combining humour, pathos, frame narratives and a host of chatty narrators.
Tony Malone, Tony's Reading List
A great intro to one of the best regarded writers from Korea [...] one of the first true modern writers from that country.
Stu Allen, Winstondad's Blog
Anton Hur awarded PEN Translates prize for upcoming Kang Kyeong-ae book with Honford Star!

English PEN today announced its latest list of PEN Translates award winners. The list includes books translated from 14 languages and 16 countries, including a Uyghur memoir, Palestinian short stories, Somali poetry, a Czech feminist novel, an anthology of Russian women literature, Belarusian essays and a Chinese graphic novel/memoir.

We are very proud that translator Anton Hur won an award for the upcoming Honford Star publication, THE UNDERGROUND VILLAGE by Kang Kyeong-ae.

Anthony Bird